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Christian catacombs of Rome


How to reach us

How to arrive:

Facing the Old Appian Way (Via Appia Antica) from Porta S. Sebastiano, the Catacombs of St. Callisto are near the small church “Quo Vadis?” on one side and the Basilica of St. Sebastian on the other.

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By public transport:

  • From Stazione Termini
    Take Metro A (Anagnina) or bus 714 (Palazzo Sport) to the stop at St. John Lateran Square (Piazza di S. Giovanni in Laterano), then bus 218 and stop at Fosse Ardeatine. the entrance to the Catacombs is opposite n2 on the map).
    Take Metro B (Laurentina) to the station Circo Massimo  and exit  or exit   by Terme di Caracalla  / Porta Capena than take bus 118 (direction Villa Dei Quintili) to the stop Catacombs of San Callisto (the third stop after Quo Vadis, n. 4 on the map).
  • From the stop Circo Massimo (metro B)
    Exit from the station  Circo Massimo  or from the  station  Terme di  Caracalla  / Porta Capena take bus 118 (direction Villa Dei Quintili) to the stop Catacombs of San Callisto (the third stop after Quo Vadis, n. 4 on the map).

By coach or chartered bus:

The access to the private parking area is only possible by the entrance in front of the Quo Vadis? - church (n.1 on the map), coming from Porta S.Sebastiano. Therefor you are advised to ride:
  • from Via Cristoforo Colombo to the end (Porta Ardeatina, Mura Latin), then turn right as far as Porta S.Sebastiano, where Via Appia Antica starts, on the right.
  • Or, from the centre to Viale delle Mura Latine as far as Porta S.Sebastiano and there, at the traffic lights, turn left to Via Appia Antica.
The parking area inside is large, located at about 1000 m near the entrance to the Catacombs.
There is also a small public parking area near the Fosse Ardeatine, beside the entrance n.2. To this parking you can arrive from Via Cristoforo Colombo through Piazza dei Navigatori and Via delle Sette Chiese, going on until the crossroads of Via Ardeatina. The parking area is opposite to entrance n.2.

From outside Rome:

On coming by coach or with your car from the Great Ring Road (Grande Raccordo Anulare) you can take:
  • Exit 24 (uscita 24, „Roma centro – Fosse Ardeatine“), along the Via Ardeatina to the Fosse Ardeatine, and there use the public parking opposite the Catacombs or - for cars only - continue the Via Ardeatina to Quo Vadis? and then take entrance n.1.
    For coaches it is advisable to go on Via delle Sette Chiese as far as Piazza dei Navigatori, Via Cristoforo Colombo and then, as shown above, at Porta S.Sebastiano, take Via Appia Antica.
  • Exit 27 (“Via Cristoforo Colombo”): go on the Via Cristoforo Colombo (direction “centro”) as far as Porta Ardeatina, and then as shown above.

Important: The access to Via Appia Antica is usually forbidden to coaches and private cars on holidays. Nevertheless it is allowed when you explain to the policemen that you are going to the Catacombs of S. Callixtus (which are considered as museum), and that there is a parking place inside.