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Christian catacombs of Rome


Other areas

The crypts of Lucina are near the Appian Way. In them the tomb of St.Cornelius has a Latin inscription containing the title of "Martyr" and, on either side, splendid pictures of the popes SS.Sixtus II and Cornelius and the African Bishops St.Cyprian and St.Optatus. In a nearby cubicle we see some of the most ancient frescoes of the Roman catacombs (end of the second century beginning of the III century); on the ceiling, paintings of the good Shepherd; on the end wall two fishes bearing a basket full of loaves on their backs, symbol of the Eucharist.

Finally, the cemetery of St. Callixtus stretches as far as the Western and Liberian Areas, which comprise splendid cubicles, some mausoleums and several sepulchral inscriptions.